Workers Calm December How to have a calm December

Calm December

It's been a tough year for everyone, and a lot of us are feeling pretty burnt out. The team at Tito have decided to have a Calm December and put the company into power-saving mode until the new year.

That means:

  • No formal meetings
  • No deadlines
  • No pressure to work a full day
  • Prioritise self-care
They'll still be doing essential work like answering customer support queries, but there's no artificial urgency to get anything else done. 

This leaves their team free to work on anything that brings them personal satisfaction, and take whatever time they need to recharge.

Is there a way you could give your team permission to breathe, permission to not worry about work?

If you're ever going to do something like this then 2020 is probably the time to do it.

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