Community Donation Decisions How to decide how much to donate this year

Donation Decisions

Blackmill stated in their values that they share their profits with charities they believe in.

In FY18, they contributed 1% of their profits to Kids Under Cover. In FY19, they contributed 5% of their profits to the White Ribbon Campaign. In FY20, they distributed 1% of their revenue amongst several organisations. This financial year they are committing 1% of last year's revenue to be distributed on a quarterly basis. They share more about what they give here:‚Äč

Alex Hillman (who's book I featured last week) announced yesterday that this year he and his business partner, Amy Hoy, set aside 5% of their gross revenue from their popular business course (I was one of their students a few years a go). They are donating to programs and resources who support or empower the people most impacted by structural and institutional racism. This included $3,200 to each of The Human Utility, The Philadelphia Bail Fund, Coded By Kids and Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Do you know any businesses that donate between 1% of profits and 5% of gross revenue to support the wider community?

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