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Good Gym Membership

Basecamp, like many small businesses, provides a $100 per month Fitness Allowance as one of their many perks. But there's a gym membership you can provide your team with at a much lower cost. And it could have a huge positive impact on their local communities.

GoodGym helps your team get fit by doing good. They’re a group of runners who combine regular exercise with helping their communities. Things they do include:

  • Planting trees for the local park or shifting earth for a community gardening projects.
  • Runing regularly to see an isolated older person.
  • Sorting cans for a food bank.
  • Runing to change a lightbulb or move furniture for an older person so that they can see in the dark or get their home back in order.
GoodGym is free but most members make a monthly donation of £9.95 to help cover the cost of running the charity. What if your business paid that donation for your team? You could go further and give them permission to use work time to complete their training, DBS check and 20 minutes a week to complete a mission.

If you're looking for a last minute Christmas gift for a team member you can gift three to 12 months membership. A year's membership costs the same amount that Basecamp provides to their team members every month:

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