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Low Carbon Leaders

The UK Government’s target for achieving net-zero emissions is 2050. For many businesses with large carbon footprints, this will involve a complex journey of investment, innovation and re-invention of their current business practices.

Propellernet recognises that for a service-sector agency like themselves, the process is far simpler and quicker to achieve; therefore, they don’t believe in net-zero for their business, they have set sub-zero carbon targets.

For them the core questions are not about reaching their own net-zero position. Instead they are asking “how carbon negative can we operate?” and “how can we inspire other businesses to do the same?”

Propellernet's Climate Action Pledge includes a three-point plan with specific steps they are taking, along with targets they hope to hit each year for the next five years. They don't want their impact to be limited to just their own business so they've launched Low Carbon Leaders to share knowledge and solutions for taking collective action to fight the impact of climate change. Find out more at:

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