Workers Remote Dinners How to have a team dinner during the lockdown

Remote Dinners

The team at Podia take a different approach to team dinners. Recommended by Podia Founder, Spencer Fry. Here’s how they explained it to their team:

“Podia is covering up to $100 to buy dinner for you and your family/partner/roommate/cat/live-in stranger, with the only requirement being that you post a photo of it to #podiagram [one of their Slack chat channels] so we can all enjoy it together.

Feel free to use the Podia AmEx in 1PW [1Password team password manager] to order your food online or via an app, or if that’s not an option for the restaurant of your choice, you can pay for the food and upload your receipt to this form [linked] and we’ll reimburse you.”

Note they’re not asking their team to join yet another Zoom call! But they do still all get many of the benefits of a shared experience that us humans crave. Trusting their team to spend the money themselves, without creating a co-ordination nightmare, ensures it’s won’t turn into a negative experience for any one person.

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