Workers Safe Channel How to give your people a safe channel for sensitive issues

Safe Channel

Your organisation might be the highest trust workplace in the world. But it only takes a single incident for one person for all that trust to evaporate in a moment.

What if your team knew they always had a safe, neutral place to turn to if they are faced with a sensitive or complex situation?

The Skiff’s Code of Conduct includes a link to Spot for situations where members don’t feel comfortable approaching a board member directly.

Spot provides email and chat interfaces for people to safely and efficiently report issues from COVID-19 concerns to corrective actions to bullying. Employees can use Spot to raise issues anonymously, even if your company isn’t registered.

How will your employees feel if you proactively set up a page on Spot for your business? You could simply make them aware that they can use it if they need to.

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