Community Toilet Twinning How to flush away poverty, one toilet at a time

Toilet Twinning

CogApp have twinned their gender-neutral office toilet with Latrine No. 15644 in Bagerhat, Bangladesh. The company operates on five principles, one of which is to play a useful role in our community. I spotted the toilet twinning idea right at the bottom of the list of brilliant things they do for the community.

This stuck out to me as one of those things that’s so easy for other businesses to follow their lead on. You are just £60 and a couple of clicks away from doing it for your company. And now we’re all spending more time working from home our businesses have more toilets we can twin!

If you’d like to go further there is a bunch of supporting materials and ideas for workplaces.

Oh and they’re doing a big push for world toilet day next week. How many toilets can you help them twin by midnight on the 19th?

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