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Website Visitor Privacy

Are invisible creepers lurking in the shadows and collecting information about every visitor to your website?

I spent years recommending my clients add Google Analytics to their websites. And over the years I've encouraged all sorts of other snippets of code that could give them new insights into their customers. It seemed like a no-brainer - especially when it seemed like you got it all for free.

But there was a hidden cost. We inadvertantly helped other businesses track users. One result (under the GDPR at least) is annoying cookie consent banners on almost every website you visit. Most users blindly click "accept all" so they can get on with what they were trying to do as soon as possible.

One way you can get a step closer to not having a cookie consent popup at all on your website it to use an alternative to Google Analytics. Three that I keep hearing good things about are:

And the team at Fathom built this fun tool to run a real-time website scan of your website: Did you find anything you didn't expect?

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